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LADWP says clearer days ahead for water in Watts

Photo by Xavier de Jauréguiberry via Flickr Creative Commons
| Earlier this year, Watts residents saw their drinking water go cloudy. Now the LADWP says they've fixed the problem.

SoCal's air quality agency gets a new pollution regulator


The Air Quality Management District named former EPA administrator Wayne Nastri as acting chief of the group after the board ousted its long time leader.

SoCal Gas pushes back against state methane off-set plan


The gas company squares off against state air regulators over how to measure the escaped methane from the Aliso Canyon leak. At stake is tens of millions of dollars.

LA wants apartment builders to pay for parks


The builders of single-family homes and condos pay thousands in city fees to build new parks, but those who build apartments in LA don't. That could change soon.

Did the Porter Ranch gas leak cause long-term health damage?


Experts say answering that question won't be easy, partly because there haven't been similar leaks of this size and duration in a large suburban area.