LA school employees publicize crumbling schools on Facebook

Repairs Not iPads/Facebook
| Unnamed employees snap photos of broken sinks, missing tiles and other problems they say show a school district in need of basic upkeep, not iPads.

LA school officials in the dark over computer inventories


Superintendent Deasy has gotten a green light to rush order iPads for tests, but a closer looks shows tens of thousands of computer unaccounted for.

LA schools chief: Doing 'good job' firing bad teachers


Vergara v. California trial centers on whether five teacher job protection laws shelter bad teachers and lead to students not getting an adequate education.

Report finds more LA school libraries closed


It took school board member Monica Ratliff's office months of phone calls to find out how many libraries do not have staff: 332. Now, she wants to get them reopened.

LA schools: 'Non voting' member to fill LaMotte seat before election


The vote came after the district's lawyer determined an interim with voting power could not be appointed. The resolution passed by a 4-2 vote.

LA schools superintendent wants to localize spending


He wants to leave many decisions on how to spend extra state money to school principals. L.A. Unified is also assembling a parent advisory committee of 47 members.

LA schools' Inspector General probes free iPads given to staff


District administration holds the giveaways at a training event in 2012 were within the letter of the law. But one board member says it looks like a conflict of interest.

New 'advisory committee' for LaMotte district


LA Unified Superintendent John Deasy invited African American leaders to join an "advisory committee" for the district left vacant by board member LaMotte's death.