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Will California wage hikes replace workers with machines?

Beatrice Katcher for CALmatters
| Employer groups opposed to raising the minimum wage say labor costs are already driving decisions to replace human labor with technology.

LA County supervisors approve plan to patrol wage theft


The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to begin establishing a program to ensure businesses in the county’s unincorporated areas pay workers properly.

Pasadena to discuss minimum wage increase


Pasadena city leaders on Wednesday evening will hold the first of a pair of public discussions on a possible minimum wage increase.

How LA plans to crack down on its wage theft problem


Workers are shortchanged on their paychecks more in LA than anywhere else in the country. New details are emerging about the city's future office to prevent that.

Santa Monica City Council puts off minimum wage vote


The Santa Monica City Council decided to put off a vote on raising the minimum wage. The council’s Tuesday evening meeting lasted into Wednesday morning.

Santa Monica City Council discusses raising the minimum wage


The council is taking up a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour by the year 2020, just like Los Angeles. City staff have recommended a controversial union exemption.

LA County won't exempt some employers from paying higher wage


Board of Supervisors debated giving some employers a pass from paying the higher minimum wage. In a 3-2 vote they decided to give out no exemptions.

Santa Monica business owners: Wage hike may be last straw


Santa Monica is already well known for being an expensive and tricky place to do business. A rising minimum wage, say business owners, would just make it worse.