Money in Elections |

LA teachers union accused of skirting campaign finance rules

| A candidate in next week’s L.A. Unified School Board primary says union "issue ads" are actually campaign ads whose cost should have been disclosed.

LA's proposed campaign finance overhaul explained


The proposal would ramp up public financing for qualified city office candidates and bar corporate donations, special interest money or significant self-financing.


FAQ: What's 'dark money' and other murky campaign finance terms


As the November general election comes ever closer, you're hearing more and more about donor limits, "dark money," and super PACs. So, what do all these terms mean?

As CA elex watchdog closes ‘dark money’ loophole, are court challenges likely?


The Fair Political Practices Commission unanimously voted to require out-of-state nonprofits to disclose their donors when they oppose or support a ballot measure or candidate through a federal political action committee.

Bay Area mega donors spend millions on Republican presidential campaigns


The Bay Area image of long haired hippies with liberal politics is clashing with a more modern reality: big donors born of the (mostly) tech industry who are donating millions of dollars to Republican presidential campaigns

Lawsuit filed over Santa Ana pot shop raid (updated)


The suit claims officers used excessive force and caused more than $100,000 in property damage to Sky High Holistics.


La Habra Heights jolted into debate over oil, Measure A


The town's efforts to ban hydraulic fracturing could lead to a court battle, but backers say event that would send a message to Sacramento.


What will it take to win Boxer's Senate seat?


Nearly two dozen wealthy first time candidates have tried and failed to win in California. Getting elected takes more than money.