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Assemblyman Jones-Sawyer faces $10K campaign violations fine

Reginald Jones-Sawyer official website
| The South L.A. legislator accepted a big loan from his girlfriend and passed it on to his 2012 campaign committee as if it were his own money.

Election 2014: Kashkari's $1 million leads state's self-funded candidates


Sixteen state candidates invested at least $100,000 of their own money in hopes of buying enough ads and campaign help to get into the November runoff.

Can a candidate's donors determine a voter's affinity?


A new website touts its ability to analyze campaign donors to identify which candidates best match your own views.

Bobby Shriver donates $1M to his supervisor campaign


He's pulled in nearly as much in small contributions of $300 or less, which is all he's allowed to collect after rejecting the county's campaign spending limits.

Why did a $1 million candidate abandon Congressional race?


James Graf admires leaders who go all-in, so when he filed to run in a very competitive Westside race, he invested his own money. But then reality set in.

Money and the midterms: Who's got the most green?


Candidates had to file financial reports this week, revealing that the dash for cash is in full effect throughout California.

Leland Yee investigation: 8 shocking details from the affidavit


It's not a mob movie, but the plot enmeshing Sen. Leland Yee in gun running, offering political favors for campaign cash and other misdeeds is cinematic.


Board of Supervisors debate: Few fireworks as Shriver, Kuehl face off


Four candidates sparred over jail reform, foster care and campaign finance during a debate in a race for a rare open supervisor seat.