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Splitting up California: 7 times they've tried to break it up

Cal 3
| There have been at least 220 efforts to hack California up into smaller states, with at least five just since 2000. Here's a short list, plus some maps showing how the state could have been split.

Election 2014: Why your mail-in ballot might not have been counted


Tuesday Oct. 28 is the last day to order a mail-in ballot. But beware: officials are rejecting ballots that don't get to the registrar's office by Election Day.

Can this bureaucrat get young citizens to vote?


With less than 3 percent of young adults casting ballots in June, County Registrar Dean Logan's challenge is to get more of them to vote.


Obama honors union boss who helps janitors become citizens


They clean our offices late at night. Now the president is honoring a union's efforts to help them become U.S. citizens.

California drought experts to Congress: Help.


UC Davis study finds the economic cost of California’s ongoing drought is more than $2 billion, with a loss of more than 17 thousand jobs. Will Congress help?

Grand Jury says one-third of LA cities failed to adopt better management


The watchdog agency recommended improved fiscal controls for cities last year, and in a follow-up report found that many cities ignored the advice


LA region lags behind rest of state in mail-in votes


Tuesday is the deadline to request a mail-in ballot for the June 3 primary election. Local voters don't use the convenience as much as other Californians.

LA hopes 'Hacktivists' will turn city data into user-friendly apps


Mayor Eric Garcetti wants LA to be a digital democracy, but the effort will likely depend on civic-minded computer wizards who will donate their services.