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Did the Porter Ranch gas leak cause long-term health damage?

Stephanie O'Neill/KPCC
| Experts say answering that question won't be easy, partly because there haven't been similar leaks of this size and duration in a large suburban area.

Grim Sleeper trial: Prosecution opens with graphic photos


L.A. County prosecutors opened the trial against Lonnie Franklin Jr. by projecting a string of gruesome crime scene and autopsy photographs.


Can Baca’s guilty plea restore the Sheriff’s Department’s reputation?


An FBI investigation into alleged inmate abuse and a cover-up in the LA jails left the sheriff's department with a tattered reputation - is it being repaired?

Rising crime causes anxiety, speculation in Long Beach


The residents of Long Beach are experiencing a double-digit boost in robberies and thefts. It’s one of many California cities posting an increase in crime in 2015.

LA County expands air monitoring at Porter Ranch gas leak


Testing will now be round the clock. It will include the measurement of other chemicals that occur in natural gas, such as radon.