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Booty-lifting jeans shake their way into mainstream

Leslie Berestein Rojas/KPCC
| In the U.S. Latino market, "butt lifting" jeans have been popular for years. Now, they're adding their junk to the trunk of mainstream fashion.

The best SoCal weekend getaways


The long 4th of July weekend is upon us. There’s no better time to get in your car and go somewhere. But where?

Uber takes credit for big drop in DUIs; police are skeptical


Uber claims to have been responsible for a dramatic decline in DUI arrests, but police are skeptical the drop is the result of ridesharing.

Proposed rules bad for ridesharing companies' bottom line


The lucrative business model of ridesharing companies could begin to change if the California Public Utilities Commission approves a set of new regulations Thursday.

Whitey Bulger: A lesson in the vanishing policy of rent control


Bulger's rent was criminally low for a Santa Monica two-bedroom on a leafy street two blocks from the ocean, just $1,145 a month. Now the same place is going for $2,972 a month.

With help from Teamsters, LA Uber drivers try to organize


Organizers are expecting up to 500 Uber drivers – supported by Teamsters Local 986 – to hold a demonstration Tuesday morning at the Uber offices in Santa Monica.

CPUC threatens to revoke permits for ridesharing companies


The CPUC is threatening to revoke ridesharing companies' authority to operate in California if they continue to operate illegally at airports.

Will Car2Go make drivers ditch their cars?


Uber and Lyft could be seen as competitors, but Car2Go prefers to view them as complimentary; Together, they all make it much easier for drivers to ditch their cars.