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Tips for getting insurance on your 'health care birthday'

Maya Sugarman/KPCC
| Young people can stay on their parents' health plan until age 26. On their "health care birthday," they must get their own coverage and learn how to use it.

The return of #PriceCheck: Share the cost of your colonoscopy


We want you to help us track the cost of colonoscopies. We've also got some consumer tips for those facing the procedure.

State Senate passes nurse practitioner bill


SB 323 would let nurse practitioners affiliated with a medical group operate without a physician's oversight. It now moves to the assembly.

Narrow networks don't affect quality of care, study says


Health policies sold through Covered California have narrow provider networks but have not compromised quality, according to study in "Health Affairs."

Some brokers encounter hard times under the Affordable Care Act


Brokers who help consumers find health insurance say they're working harder but earning less. A survey says nearly half have considered quitting the business.

Procrastinators have until April 30 to buy health insurance


Those who get in under the extended deadline will still face a pro-rated 2015 tax penalty for only having coverage for part of the year.

Americans rank cost and transparency as top health care priorities


While politicians focus on the Affordable Care Act, most Americans are more concerned with keeping healthcare affordable, a Kaiser Family Foundation survey finds.

State Senate takes up bill to expand nurse practitioners' authority


Under SB 323, nurse practitioners could operate without a doctor's supervision. The California Medical Association is opposed, saying the bill threatens "team-based care."