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Insurance chief faults Covered Calif. proposed specialty drug cap

arbyreed/Flickr Creative Commons
| Covered California is set to vote Thursday to set a monthly cap on specialty drugs of up to $500. Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones says it should be much lower.

Some Californians have to pay back Obamacare subsidies


About half of those who received subsidies to help pay for their health insurance must pay a portion of it back, according to a study and tax preparers' statistics.

Impatient helps man mistakenly enrolled in Medi-Cal


"Elliot" tried to re-enroll in a private plan, but a Covered California error put him on Medi-Cal instead. He felt stuck there - until Impatient stepped in.

Feinstein and Boxer: Let pregnant women buy health coverage anytime


Current rules allow women to buy coverage outside of open enrollment if they're giving birth, but not when they become pregnant.

Covered California nets more Latinos and young adults


Covered California's second enrollment period saw increases in two prized groups: Latinos and 18-to-34-year-olds.

Most are keeping their Covered California plans for a second year


Of the 1 million people eligible to renew their coverage, about one-third are shopping around. As of December, 54,000 had switched plans.

Covered California: Health plan subsidies averaged $5K+ in 2014


The state health insurance exchange says about 800,000 households benefited from the federal support when buying coverage for 2014.

Covered California woos Latinos and Blacks


With one month left in open enrollment, Covered California reaches out to large numbers of Latinos and African-Americans who started but didn't finish signing up.