The Affordable Care Act |

Ask Emily: Change and no change at the exchange

Maya Sugarman/KPCC
| Satisfaction with your health insurance depends on so much more than your monthly bill. Consider the following questions.

California average health insurance rates to climb about 4 percent


Covered California touts the average rate increase as evidence that the Affordable Care Act is helping keep costs under control.

LA-area clinics win federal mental health grants


The federal grants to 11 clinics in L.A. and San Bernardino will be used to integrate mental health service into primary care.

Affordable Care Act: 3.4M uninsured Californians now have coverage


Kaiser Family Foundation survey provides the first in-depth snapshot of previously uninsured Californians, most of whom now have health insurance.

Ask Emily: Big bills lurk in specialty drug category


Recent changes in drug pricing mean more of you will face sticker shock when you fill prescriptions under the Affordable Care Act.

Impatient reader's dogged persistence wins Anthem drug approval


After two appeals, Anthem Blue Cross has approved coverage of Cymbalta for an Impatient reader who takes the drug for chronic pain associated with muscular dystrophy.

Why you may be paying more for your individual health insurance


The Affordable Care Act has provided millions with low-cost insurance, but others are paying high-priced premiums.

More voice frustration with Anthem, other insurers


Impatient readers write of more EPO/PPO confusion, coverage denials and appointment delays.