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Ask Emily: Medi-Cal renewals — another backlog on horizon?

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| The state is about to create a new backlog by asking 8.5 million current Medi-Cal members to renew their status using new forms, new eligibility criteria and new ways of defining income.

California's uninsured cut in half under Obamacare, survey finds


The Commonwealth Fund survey found that 22 percent of the state's adults were uninsured before enrollment began last fall; by last month, that number had fallen to 11 percent.

Has your health insurer misled you?


A consumer group has filed a class action lawsuit accusing Anthem Blue Cross of fraud and unfair business practices. Can you relate?

Consumer group sues Anthem Blue Cross, claims 'bait and switch' fraud


The lawsuit claims Anthem tricked customers into buying substandard health insurance plans. The company says errors in its provider directories were inadvertent.

California's small businesses get another year to comply with ACA


California businesses with fewer than 50 workers that offer health insurance to employees now have until the end of 2015 to make their policies conform to the federal health law.

Why is LA County hiring hundreds of nurses?


The hiring spree that starts Tuesday is part of a larger effort to keep newly-insured patients who now can choose to go elsewhere for their care.

He switched Anthem Blue Cross plans; his drug went up $488


David Garden bought an Anthem Blue Cross plan through Covered California before he learned that it didn't cover Cymbalta on its drug formulary.

Doctors struggle with having the end-of-life talk


Doctors are reluctant to talk about end-of-life issues: it's emotionally draining, and they don't like to admit that their patients will die.