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Latinos wary of all-out push to sign up for Affordable Care Act

| Latinos are the most uninsured group in the country, but they're newly leery of President Obama and the Affordable Care Act.

Affordable Care Act: Deadline looms amidst call center delays


Little more than a week remains until the deadline to sign up for health insurance. LA Times reporter Chad Terhune talks about sign-ups and the implications of the last-minute rush.

Obamacare: Enrollees emboldened to leave jobs, start businesses


The Affordable Care Act is making it possible for some to retire early, and for others to quit unfulfilling jobs to strike out on their own.


Ask Emily: Managing your money under Obamacare


My inbox is brimming with your personal Obamacare stories, and most of them aren’t joyous odes to the new health law.

Affordable Care Act expands coverage for addiction treatment


On January first, the federal law expanded coverage for treatment of drug and alcohol addictions. KPCC Health Care Correspondent Stephanie O’Neill answers questions about the changes.

New report shows Affordable Care Act’s impact on workforce


A new report from the Congressional Budget Office estimates 2.5 million Americans will leave the full time workforce by 2023. This number, revised from an estimate of 800,000, takes into account the availability of healthcare under the Affordable Care Act.

Obamacare: Consumers frustrated when their doctor is not in their plan


Some consumers who've enrolled in health plans sold through Covered California are finding fewer provider choices than they expected.

Obamacare: What to do if you don't have an insurance card yet


The California Hospital Association lays out the steps you can take if you have enrolled but not yet received a bill or an insurance card.