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County supes set aside drug take-back plan

Photo by Ian Sheddan via Flickr Creative Commons
| Pharmaceutical manufacturers will not have to set up and run a countywide program as originally proposed. Instead, supervisors will review an industry education campaign in November.

Did the Porter Ranch gas leak cause long-term health damage?


Experts say answering that question won't be easy, partly because there haven't been similar leaks of this size and duration in a large suburban area.

Starving sea lion pups likely to begin washing ashore soon


In recent years, California sea lion strandings have begun stranding in late December or early January. This year, low weights in pups indicate we'll see more.


Coyote's mysterious death stalls groundbreaking research


Her body was found soaking wet and algae-covered in MacArthur Park, meaning she was in the water at some point. Was she swimming? Did she drown? Lab results looking into her death are due back any day.

Mountain lions were big news in 2015


This year saw a lot of news about mountain lions in Southern California. Researchers say that's because they had more data collection devices on lions than ever before.

Tallest building in the West now home to tallest insect study


Just looking at the lights on the roof of the US Bank Tower, you can see the remnants of moths. Scientists hope their study will help explain why they're up there.


LA area has highest urban heat island effect in California


The urban heat islands effect occurs when buildings and streets trap heat. A new map shows that this effect is stronger in L.A. than anywhere else in California.


LA gets its first look at proposed wildlife overpass


Proponents say the bridge over the 101 in Agoura Hills is needed to save wildlife populations at risk of becoming inbred in the Santa Monica Mountains.