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Gene pool shrinks for SoCal cougars, viability threatened

Maya Sugarman/KPCC
| Freeways and development are increasingly isolating populations. Study finds genetic diversity in local pumas to be the lowest in the West.

Feds grant $30M for SoCal transportation projects


The money will be divided among bike, freeway and Metro rail projects, including improvements at the Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station.

Fracking's environmental risks in Calif. are small, report finds


The federal Bureau of Land Management announced plans to resume oil and gas leasing for fracking in California, on the same day it released the report.

Isolated gene pool threatens local mountain lions


Close-quarter living is taking its toll on mountain lions. Normally, 75 percent would leave the Santa Monica mountains, but freeways are keeping them in.

Endangered sea turtles get a break from drift gillnets


Starting today for the next five weeks, fishermen who net swordfish will find a large stretch of local waters closed off to protect sea turtles.

Everything you didn't know about bats in Los Angeles


You may not know that L.A. is home to several species of bats, including the Western mastiff bat, the largest in North America. Technology is helping to identify them.


New poison ban that aims to protect wildlife may hurt pets


Starting Tuesday, the ban removes some of the most powerful rat poisons from store shelves, but it also leaves a lot of other poisons in place.

Video shows health improving for mountain lion P-22 (Update)


The famous L.A. mountain lion was diagnosed with mange when scientists captured him in March. The treatment they provided during that capture seems to have helped.