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Fallen Vietnam Sailor Raul Guerra Returns Home

Libby Denkmann/KPCC
| Over half a century ago, a young sailor from Montebello, CA died in a plane crash in a remote, mountainous area of Vietnam.

The Military Seeks A Home For Space Command


While President Trump pushes Congress to create a new military branch called the Space Force, the Pentagon is about to choose a permanent home for its existing Space Command.

'Every Box Was Smashed': After Thousands Of Complaints, The Pentagon Is Reforming Military Moves


The Pentagon is planning to hire a single private company to oversee the moving process for military families. The current system is plagued by delays, lost shipments, theft, and a lack of accountability.

The VA Is Again Expanding Its Private Healthcare Options, But Many Veterans Remain Skeptical


The VA Mission Act hopes to improve upon the Choice program, which ran over budget and didn't do much to reduce wait times for many veterans.

Troops See Doctors Before The Military's New Transgender Policy Took Effect


The policy bans transgender recruits and prevents current troops from transitioning to another sex unless they were diagnosed with gender dysphoria before April 12.

The Use Of Virtual Reality To Treat PTSD Is Expanding


The University of Central Florida is using virtual reality to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. It's worked well enough that the Pentagon will fund similar programs elsewhere.

SoCal military construction may be delayed for border wall


President Trump wants to pull up to 3.6 billion dollars from the the Pentagon's military construction budget to pay for his long-promised border wall.


The Pentagon has settled a lawsuit over allegedly defective earplugs. Now veterans are suing, too.


The settlement with earplug manufacturer 3M has focused attention on service-related hearing loss, one of the most common health problems among veterans.