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To help keep veterans healthy, VA wants to hear their life stories

Department of Veterans Affairs
| An initiative at several veterans hospitals adds something new to patients' medical records: their life stories.

Decades later, families await remains of loved ones lost in war


Nearly 83,000 U.S. service members are still listed as missing in action. Many of their families still hope their remains will be identified and returned home.

Tobacco still too much a part of military culture, Army report says


The Army's first ever "Health of the Force" report found that about a third of all soldiers use tobacco, and many have other health issues that affect their performance.

A vet's discharge papers can be the difference between hope and homelessness


Over a half-million veterans have received less-than-honorable discharges in the past 25 years. Activists call those kinds of discharges a path to homelessness.

Near Ft. Bragg, Trump defends position on torture


Donald Trump held a boisterous rally just outside Fort Bragg, North Carolina this week. The event underscored a sharp divide in how service members and veterans view the Republican presidential front-runner.

New opera 'Fallujah' tells story of war from Iraqi, American eyes


Marine Sgt. Christian Ellis came home from the bloody Battle of Fallujah, and his story inspired the opera 'Fallujah,' which premieres in Long Beach.

Eating disorders in military occur with 'surprising frequency'


Military doctors have become more aware of eating disorders among service members. The highest risk group: young, female and under combat stress.

Senator says women should have to register for the draft now


Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) says now that females will be allowed in all military combat jobs, young women should have to register for the draft too.