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An Army of om: Military embraces psychology, Zen traditions

Jay Price/ American Homefront Project
| With biofeedback, breath control, and other mindfulness techniques, an Army unit hopes to help turn its paratroopers into more effective fighters.

After the Uniform: An American Homefront Project Special


What does it mean to be a veteran in the 21st century? Many are returning home form the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and finding it difficult to transition back to civilian life.


Clinic offers veterans alternative to VA mental health care


Hedge-fund billionaire Steven A. Cohen cut a check for $275 million to open a nationwide network of free mental health care clinics for military veterans.

Army to open first autism center for military kids


The new center in Tacoma will serve about 150 children. It comes after years of complaints that it’s nearly impossible for military parents to find autism therapy.

VA and Red Cross team up to take care of women caregivers


On Saturday morning more than 80 women who take care of disabled military vets got a little bit of a break at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall.

County speeds up rent checks for homeless vets


The L.A. County Housing Authority says a new $1.1 million program has helped them get housing for homeless veterans in a tight rental market.

On D-Day, students bring silent heroes of WWII to life


To commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the D-Day Invasion, some American high school students are traveling to Normandy, France to make sure the victims of World War II aren't forgotten.

'Burn pits' pose possible health risk for troops


So-called "burn pits" were common at U.S. military outposts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Legislation in the Senate would create a center to study the effects of breathing their smoke.