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More Than 1 Million People Agree To 'Storm Area 51,' But The Air Force Says Stay Home

Laura Rauch/AP
| The top-secret base is not accessible to the public, though it has become a tourist destination. The event began as an Internet joke, but some people apparently are really planning to attend.

U.S. Implementing '3rd Country' Rule On Central American Migrants Seeking Asylum


Immigrants who want to seek asylum at the U.S. southern border must first apply for refugee status in another country, according to a new rule that is set to take effect Tuesday.

Tennessee Governor Faces Backlash for Honoring Confederate General And KKK Leader


The day of observation for Nathan Bedford Forrest follows a decades-long tradition of honoring him and other Confederate leaders, as mandated by state law.

New Zealand Starts Gun Buyback Program In Response To Christchurch Mosque Shootings


In response to the March shootings that left 51 people dead, the nation's gun buyback program asks owners of now-banned weapons to turn them into police departments for cash.

U.S. Cities Prepare For Planned Ice Raids On Sunday


The operations are expected to take place in at least 10 major cities and last for days. According to reports, ICE is prepared to target about 2,000 recently arrived migrant families.

Tennessee Lawmakers Aim To Ban Weddings By Internet-Ordained Ministers


Tennessee lawmakers passed a law to ban officiants ordained online from performing legal marriages in the state. But this month a judge said they can continue temporarily.

New Accusations For Epstein As Some In South Florida Say 'Good Riddance' To Acosta


After Labor Secretary Alex Acosta's resignation, federal prosecutors in Manhattan alleged financier Jeffrey Epstein attempted to buy influence over people who were set to testify against him.

Mississippi Gubernatorial Candidate's Condition For Female Reporter: Bring A Man


"I did not want there to be a perception that I was riding with another female and that something promiscuous was going on or anything like that," Robert Foster told NPR.

Reckitt Benckiser Agrees To Pay $1.4 Billion In Opioid Settlement


The deal to resolve all U.S. federal investigations and claims is the biggest drug industry settlement so far stemming from the nation's deadly opioid epidemic.