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Firefighters Continue Making Headway Against California Blazes

Gary Kazanjian/AP
| Steep, rugged terrain has slowed progress on most of the fires raging throughout the state, including the Ranch Fire. But by Sunday, officials said the Ferguson fire was fully contained.

HUD Hits Facebook For Allowing Housing Discrimination


In a formal complaint, HUD says Facebook allows landlords and home sellers to use targeted ads to discriminate based upon the recipient's race, religion, sex, familial status and national origin.

California Legal Challenges To Census Citizenship Question To Continue


A federal judge in San Francisco has rejected the Trump administration's motion to dismiss two lawsuits over the 2020 census question. A potential trial could start in January 2019.

Police Arrest Third Suspect In New Haven Synthetic Marijuana Overdose Case


Over three days, more than 100 people fell ill after smoking a batch of K2 officials say was laced with AB-Fubinaca. Police Chief Anthony Campbell said chemical was "knocking people down."

Mueller: Prison Time An Option For Former Trump Campaign Aide Papadopoulos


The special counsel noted that the legal guidelines suggest a sentence of zero to six months. George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts with Russians.

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooter Is Sentenced To Life In Prison


Esteban Santiago killed five people and injured six when he opened fire in the baggage claim at Fort Lauderdale's airport in 2017. A federal judge called the attack "85 seconds of evil."

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Has Convoluted Ties To Rail Company Whose Project He Supports


In 2011, Scott rejected a federally funded rail project; now he supports a privately funded one. He and his wife invested millions with an investment firm that owns the company behind the proposal.

About That Microloan Mention In 'Crazy Rich Asians' ...


In one scene, Rachel Chu, the fictional lead character in the rom-com, chats with a princess about how small loans are helping women. But do they really?

Politics Of Wildfires: Biggest Battle Is In California's Capital


Politics have always been part and parcel of fighting wildfires. With wildfires setting records across the West, political will is growing to change the way we manage forests and fight fires.