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Oklahoma Governor Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Sue Ogrocki/AP
| Gov. Kevin Stitt is the first governor known to have tested positive for the virus. Oklahoma saw its largest one-day increase of cases on Wednesday.

Floyd Family Attorneys To Announce A Civil Lawsuit Against Minneapolis And Police


Ben Crump and Antonio Romanucci, attorneys representing the family of George Floyd, are expected to announce the lawsuit at a press conference on Wednesday morning.

Investigation Uncovers Missteps In Washington, D.C.'s Coronavirus Response


In the nation's capital, the coronavirus has killed Black residents at 5.9 times the rate of white people — a disparity that's worse than any other big city in America with published demographic data.

South Dakota Is Sharing Driver's License Info To Help Find Out Who's A Citizen


To produce citizenship data that can be used when voting districts are redrawn, the Trump administration asked states to share their records. South Dakota agreed to do so in April, NPR has learned.

Judge Denies Bail For Ghislaine Maxwell, Longtime Confidant Of Jeffrey Epstein


The charges are related Maxwell's alleged role in the sexual abuse of several young woman and girls by the late financier. The longtime Epstein associate was arrested earlier this month.

Miami Is Becoming The 'Epicenter Of The Pandemic,' Expert Warns


Florida's coronavirus cases continue to be near record-levels as officials warn of worsening problems in several parts of the state. Hospitals are concerned about the increases.

Former VA Medical Worker Charged With 7 Murders In West Virginia


Reta Mays is accused of killing seven patients by injecting them with insulin. She worked as a nursing assistant on the night shift at a Veterans Affairs medical center in Clarksburg.

French Health Care Workers Given A Raise, Honored On Bastille Day


Nurses and healthcare workers will get about $208 a month more in their paychecks. The annual Bastille Day celebrations are also being used to thank those on the front lines of the pandemic.

Hong Kong Disneyland Closes Due To Coronavirus


A city health official called the virus' spread in Hong Kong "a bit out of control," according to a report from Asia Times. Hong Kong has reported 1,469 cases of the coronavirus and seven deaths.