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Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock posts online confessional of sexual misconduct

Andrew Toth/Getty Images for "Waiting For Ma
| Spurlock, who made the 2004 Oscar-nominated Super Size Me, detailed an encounter in college that the woman viewed as rape and a sexual harassment settlement he concluded with a former employee.

US national parks to slash number of free days for visitors


After waiving fees 16 days in 2016 and 10 days in 2017, the National Park Service announced Tuesday that it will have four no-cost days next year.

DOT suspends proposed rule that would force airlines to show baggage fee at booking


Late last week the Department of Transportation announced it would withdraw proposed measures that would require airlines to show the full cost of booking, including baggage, at ticket purchase.

Pentagon to allow transgender people to enlist in military


The Pentagon is allowing transgender people to enlist in the military beginning Jan. 1, despite President Donald Trump's opposition.

Mario Batali steps aside from his restaurants amid sexual misconduct allegations


Four women described how Batali touched them inappropriately, and others said they witnessed bullying and lewd comments. Batali doesn't deny the allegations, saying they "match up" with past behavior.

Discrimination against women is common across races, ethnicities, identities


New results from an NPR poll show sexism and discrimination against women is widespread and pervasive. Sexual harassment is just one of many challenges women experience in daily life.

Why some Christians and Jews believe Jerusalem is Israel's capital


They believe the Bible says Jerusalem must be the eternal capital of a Jewish state — but that argument isn't universally accepted.

'Beginning of a new approach': President Trump declares Jerusalem Israel's capital


The president has announced that the U.S. is officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, fulfilling a campaign promise while unsettling volatile politics in the region.

#MeToo movement is Person Of The Year, 'Time' says


It created a wave of awareness and brave confrontations over sexual harassment and assault, taking down powerful men in the process.