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Chinese Court Sentences Canadian Man To Death, Escalating Tensions

China Stringer Network/Reuters
| Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, 36, had appealed a 15-year prison sentence for drug smuggling. Some experts say China is retaliating for the arrest of a Chinese tech executive in Canada.

Iran Is Preparing A Launch. But Is It For A Space Rocket Or A Missile?


Iran says its intentions are peaceful, but the U.S. worries the planned launches are really about developing weapons — specifically, intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Child Care: 1 More Way Some Federal Workers Struggle During Shutdown


Many child care centers in federal buildings affected by the partial government shutdown are also shuddered, leaving parents few options when it comes to their kids.


1 Dead And 12 Hospitalized After Mass Drug Overdose In California


Police officers administered CPR after arriving at a home in Chico, California, where the drug overdose occurred. Four people are in critical condition.

More than $20 Million Crowdsourced For Border Wall Will Be Refunded


Iraq war veteran Brian Kolfage had raised the money through GoFundMe. On Friday, he said donations would go towards a non-profit he created to build the wall, rather than the U.S. government.

Pompeo Says The U.S. Troop Withdrawal From Syria Is Just A 'Tactical Change'


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is traveling through the Middle East as confusion mounts over U.S. policy in Syria.

White House Slams NY Times Report On FBI Concern That Trump Acted On Behalf Of Russia


Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders denied the story which said counterintelligence officials wondered if the new president was working for Russia, and therefore was a national security threat.

Accused Of Florida Rape 70 Years Ago, 4 Black Men Get Posthumous Pardons


The new governor said the arrests and trials, and in two cases the killings, of the Groveland Four were unjust. Families of the men had worked for the pardons. The accuser maintained she did not lie.

'Federal Employees Deserve Better': Workers Rally As Shutdown Frustration Builds


As anxiety and anger rise, federal workers and industry leaders around the country are organizing to demand an end to the partial government shutdown.