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Hungary And Poland Block EU Budget With Pandemic Relief Funds For Hard-Hit Nations

Czarek Sokolowski/AP
| The two Eastern European countries are in a long-running dispute with the European Union over their consolidation of state power and restrictions on free speech and an independent judiciary.

Washington Wedding With More Than 300 Guests Linked To 17 Coronavirus Cases


Health officials are asking more than 300 people who were in attendance to get tested and quarantine after a large wedding earlier this month near Ritzville, Wash.

Experts: Gobble All You Like, But Do It With The Turkeys In Your Own Household


With COVID-19 cases soaring lots of people are conflicted about Thanksgiving plans. Experts are recommending we spend the holiday with just the people who live in our homes this year.

Street Fentanyl Surges In Western U.S., Leading To Thousands Of Deaths


New research shows the use of the deadly synthetic opioid fentanyl spreading fast in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Seattle. Chinese companies are routing the street drug through cartels in Mexico.

Biden COVID Adviser Says Restrictions Should Be More Of A 'Dial,' Less Of A 'Switch'


Dr. Vivek Murthy, co-chair of President-elect Joe Biden's coronavirus advisory board, says past lockdowns functioned like a "blunt axe" that led to spotty compliance and "little public health gain."

Judge Rules Acting DHS Secretary Lacked Authority To Suspend DACA Program


It's the latest court ruling against the Trump administration's attempts to terminate the Obama-era program that protects young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

The GOP Will Control Montana's State Government For The 1st Time In 16 Years


Democratic governors in Montana have kept the Republican-led legislature from passing the most conservative agenda items. With a Republican at the helm in 2021, the GOP won't have the same roadblocks.

Biden Wants Census To See 'Invisible' Groups: LGBTQ, Middle Eastern, North African


The Biden-Harris administration is poised to revive proposals that could change how LGBTQ people and people with roots in the Middle East or North Africa can identify themselves for the next census.

Pandemic's Deadly Toll Behind Bars Spurs Calls For Change In U.S. Jails And Prisons


More than 1,500 inmates and prison staff have died from from the coronavirus so far, according to a UCLA study.