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Coping With The Persistent Trauma Of Anti-Muslim Rhetoric And Violence

| After the New Zealand terrorist attacks, mental health professionals are asking: what does persistent trauma do to a generation of young Muslims growing up in the midst of it all?

New Zealand PM Ardern Urges Her Nation To Make Gunman 'Nameless'


Jacinda Ardern repeated her pledge to change New Zealand's gun laws and she questioned the role of social media in publicizing the attack by a self-proclaimed white supremacist.

'Shocked' New Zealand Rifle Club Revokes Membership Of Mosque Shootings Suspect


In the days following Friday's attack, more details are emerging about the alleged gunman. The country's police force believes he acted alone.


Russia Criminalizes The Spread Of Online News Which 'Disrespects' The Government


President Vladimir Putin signed the new law, which allows punishment of individuals with fines and jail time for the spread of "fake news."

The Air Force is trying new strategies to battle a constant problem: Birds on airfields


Fireworks, drones, and habitat relocation projects are among the ways that Air Force biologists are fighting the expensive and potentially deadly problem of bird strikes.

New Zealand Prime Minister Promises Tighter Gun Laws


The country's cabinet has agreed "in principle" to tighten laws in the aftermath of the most deadly shooting in the country's history.

Number Of Dead Rises To 50 In New Zealand Mass Shooting


Police say the number of people dead in the mass shooting that occurred at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand has risen to 50. Another 50 people are injured, with two in critical condition.

As Families Learn Fates Of Loved Ones, New Zealand Mourns Christchurch Victims


A three-year-old girl is feared dead after Friday's attack. New Zealand's prime minister has said most of the victims may be migrants and refugees.

In New Zealand, Mass Shootings Are Very Rare


One of the most shocking aspects of the attack that left 49 people dead is that it happened in a country where low crime rates are a part of its identity.