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Trump Administration Considering Changes That Would Redefine The Poverty Line

Rich Pedroncelli/AP
| The possible change involves a different inflation measure to adjust the poverty threshold annually. Anti-poverty groups worry that many low-income people would be pushed off assistance programs.

In Close Vote, Denver Becomes First U.S. City To Decriminalize Psychedelic Mushrooms


The action doesn't legalize psilocybin mushrooms, but effectively bars the city from criminally prosecuting or arresting adults 21 or older who possess them.

Migrants Apprehended At Southern Border Top 100,000 For Second Consecutive Month


The head of the U.S. Border Patrol said her agents are spending more and more of their time dealing with families with children who need food and medical care.

'This Is Not Who We Are,' Colorado Officials Say After Deadly School Shooting


One student, identified as Kendrick Ray Castillo, was killed when he reportedly tried to tackle one attacker. The shooting came weeks after the 20th anniversary of the shooting in nearby Columbine.

Pentagon Idles Program To Recover Troops' Remains As North Korea Goes Silent


U.S. military officials say that after a second summit failed in February, their North Korean counterparts have stopped communicating.

Trump Pardons Michael Behenna, Former Soldier Convicted Of Killing Iraqi Prisoner


Behenna was convicted of unpremeditated murder in a combat zone. But his claim of self-defense and a request for clemency drew support from high-profile corners in Oklahoma.

Opposition Candidate's Victory Tossed Out In Istanbul Mayor's Race


Turkish election authorities have cancelled a major election victory for the country's main opposition party, according to Turkish state media. The Istanbul mayor's race will be re-run on June 23.

Amid Measles Outbreaks, States Consider Revoking Religious Vaccine Exemptions


More than 10 states are considering tightening their vaccine laws in response to what health officials say is the worst year for measles in 25 years. The bills are spurring passionate opposition.


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