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Students, celebrities and the faithful protest outside NRA convention

Sue Ogrocki/AP
| "People think we're trying to take away guns, but that's not the issue we're focused on. We're trying to regulate the amount of gun violence."

Surfing on dry land in the heart of California's farm country


A man-made lake as long as seven football fields produces waves good enough to tempt the best surfers in the world.


Hope for new DNA Leads in Zodiac Killer case


The case has confounded police for 50 years but they're optimistic they can use genetic databases, the way authorities did to find the Golden State Killer suspect.

Kennedy Relative's Murder Conviction Vacated, New Trial Ordered


Michael Skakel will get a new trial after the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled his attorney failed to adequately represent him. Skakel's aunt is the widow of Robert F. Kennedy.

Chemical Weapons Inspectors Finish Their Trip To Syria's Douma


Investigators are done gathering samples from the town where a suspected chemical weapons attack occurred. The team suffered delays, and Russia "may have tampered" with the site before they arrived.

Volcanic 'curtain of fire' sends people fleeing Hawaii homes


The Kilauea volcano on Big Island sent molten lava chewing through forests and bubbling up on paved streets.

Missouri Lawmakers Will Hold Special Session To Consider Impeaching Governor


More than three-fourths of the members of Missouri's legislature signed a petition to call for the session. Gov. Eric Greitens faces two felony charges.

Delaware Expected To Be The First State To Ban Child Marriage Outright


Gov. John Carney is expected to sign the bill lawmakers passed that would make Delaware the first state in the nation to ban anyone under the age of 18 from getting married, no exceptions.

Camille Cosby Defends Bill Cosby, Says He Was The Victim Of 'Lynch Mobs'


The entertainer's wife had been largely absent during his sexual assault trial. She's now released a three-page blistering defense.