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Puerto Rico's Primary Election On Sunday Was Historic — In A Bad Way

Danica Coto/AP
| The U.S. territory was supposed to hold primary elections on Sunday. But many voting centers did not receive ballots on time, causing chaos — and creating an unprecedented legal conundrum.

Opioid Scandal Haunts Drug Companies As They Respond To Pandemic


Thousands of lawsuits that ground to a halt because of COVID-19 are moving forward again as local, state and federal courts reopen around the U.S.

Lebanon's Prime Minister Resigns, Citing An 'Earthquake' Of Upheaval


"May God protect Lebanon," Lebanon's Prime Minister Hassan Diab said as he announced his resignation days after a disastrous explosion rocked Beirut.

Chicago's Magnificent Mile Erupts In Overnight Looting, Violence


Bridges were raised to limit access to downtown as chaos spread. Authorities say outrage over a police shooting prompted the looting, but that the "abject criminal behavior" was not part of a protest.

Why A Vote For Trump's Lands Appointee May Put Some Western Republicans In A Bind


Republican senators facing tough reelections may be in the hot seat when it comes time to vote on President Trump's controversial nominee to head the nation's largest public lands agency.


Border Patrol Faulted For Favoring Steel And Concrete Wall Over High-Tech Solutions


The Department of Homeland Security watchdog has criticized Border Patrol for not looking for a cheaper alternative to President Trump's border wall, such as cutting-edge surveillance technology.

At Virtual Summit, World Leaders Pledge $298 Million In Aid To Lebanon


World leaders, including President Trump, attended a virtual donor summit Sunday for recovery efforts after last week's blast. The event was co-hosted by the U.N. and French President Emmanuel Macron.

U.S. Hits 5 Million Coronavirus Cases As Debate Lingers Over The Path Forward


The U.S. continues to lead the world in both cases and deaths, as states across the Midwest and South battle a surge in new cases.

Virginia Supreme Court Grants Temporary Moratorium on Evictions


In a 4-3 decision Friday, the state's high court granted a request by Gov. Ralph Northam to allow a pause to eviction proceedings. The decision halts evictions through September 7.