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3 People Reported Dead On Long Island, N.Y., In Collision Of Vehicle And 2 Trains

| Officials say the vehicle went around the warning gate and was hit, first by one train and then by another one traveling in the opposite direction.

New York City Lawmakers Call For Less Piercing Emergency Vehicle Sirens


Council Member Helen Rosenthal introduced a bill this month after receiving complaints about the impact of wailing ambulances.

Vandals Steal Head Of 800-Year-Old Mummy In Ireland


"These are people who have been lying at rest for years and years and to have them desecrated in such a sacrilegious way is so distressing and disturbing," the Archbishop of Dublin told local media.

India Strikes Pakistani Village In Retaliation For Attack In Kashmir


India says its fighter jets crossed into Pakistan early Tuesday morning and bombed a militant training camp there. Pakistan, on the other hand, says there was no damage and no casualties.


5 Chicago Police Officers Died By Suicide Since July. Is The Department Doing Enough?


Some officials and mental health experts say the suicides are a sign of deeper problems with the mental health and well-being of Chicago police officers.

Manafort Seeks Leniency In Sentencing


Trump campaign adviser Paul Manafort pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy against the United States. His lawyers are arguing that at his age, a long imprisonment would amount to a 'life sentence.'

U.N. Court Says U.K. Must Give Up Control Of Chagos Islands


The U.K. expelled the residents of the Indian Ocean islands and allowed the U.S. to build a military base. The U.N. Court says it must cede control of the islands "as rapidly as possibly."

Iran's Foreign Minister Announces Sudden Resignation


Mohammad Javad Zarif was an architect of the Iran nuclear deal. His announcement provides no explanation for his immediate departure.

Judge Dismisses Murder Charges Over Boy's Death On Kansas Waterslide


Caleb Schwab, 10, was decapitated in 2016, when the raft he was riding down the Verrückt waterslide went airborne and hit a metal pole. The slide was the tallest in the world when it opened in 2014.