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Hurricane Hanna Heads Toward South Texas As The Region Confronts A COVID-19 Spike

| The storm is the first hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. It's expected to make landfall along Texas' southern coast on Saturday.

Judge Denies Oregon's Request For Restraining Order Against Federal Officers


The state attorney general sought a restraining order against federal authorities she said were "overstepping their powers" in Portland. A federal judge has denied it, citing lack of legal standing.

ICE Confirms New Foreign Students Can't Take Online-Only Course Loads In The U.S.


The agency says Friday that guidance granting visa flexibility to international students only applies to those who were actively enrolled at a U.S. school on March 9.

FAA Orders Thousands Of Boeing 737s To Undergo Emergency Inspections


The agency says older 737 Classic and Next Generation planes that have been in storage because of the COVID-19 pandemic might have developed engine valve problems that could lead to engine failure.

Trump Sued For Attempt To Omit Unauthorized Immigrants From A Key Census Count


The Constitution says the count used to divide up seats in Congress must include every person living in the U.S. President Trump is calling for unauthorized immigrants to be left out.

Order Temporarily Blocks Feds From Targeting Press And Legal Observers In Portland


The judge's order also blocks the defendants from seizing any cameras, audio and video equipment and press passes, as well as from ordering journalists to stop recording or observing a protest.

Rep. John Lewis Will Lie In State At The U.S. Capitol, With An Outdoor Public Viewing


Visitors will file by the the Capitol and be required to wear masks because of the coronavirus. Lewis' family urges people outside of Washington, D.C., to pay tribute virtually.

Southwest And American Airlines Tighten Their Mask Requirements By Ending Exemptions


The airlines will require all customers over the age of 2 to wear face coverings on board and at airports, with no exceptions. They say people who don't comply won't be allowed to fly as next week.

DOJ: Alabama Prisons For Men Are Unconstitutional Because Staff Abuse Inmates


The U.S. Justice Department says there are unconstitutional conditions in Alabama's prison system. The government alleges guards use excessive force on men incarcerated in the state's prisons.