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Mendocino County to let people back into their homes

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
| Evacuation orders are being lifted on Sunday, but residents should be prepared to leave if conditions change.

Pictures of Santa Rosa — Ground Zero for California fire devastation


"From a distance you could just see red. And hear nothing but explosions," says one resident. Fire destroyed thousands of homes in the neighborhood.

Firefighters stop flames from advancing into Sonoma


About 100,000 people remain under evacuation orders. Plans are in the works to allow some of them to return home.

Life goes on in Santa Rosa, devastated by fire


Inside the Russian River Brewing Co., the fires are all anyone can talk about. Outside, ash continues falling from overcast skies.

Twitter CEO vows to police sexual harassment, hate, violence


He says new rules will be announced next week. Will they tame the torrent of online insults?

This Friday the 13th, may we be as lucky as the passengers of flight 666 to HEL


They landed safely in Helsinki, on the last-ever Friday 13th Flight 666 that Finnair plans to operate. It turns out even people who don't believe in superstitions can be infected by fearfulness.


Trump calls Iran nuclear deal 'unacceptable,' but leaves US in for now


President Trump announces he will not recertify the Iran nuclear deal on Friday, ahead of Sunday's deadline. The deal is still in effect, but the president is pushing for a new strategy.

Trump names pick for Homeland Security post


Trump said Thursday that Kirstjen Nielsen will need "no on the job training" and will be "ready on Day One." She is his choice to replace John Kelly, who is now Trump's chief of staff.

Las Vegas shooting victims search for their heroes of the night


Facebook pages have been set up to reunite people with the strangers who helped them. One victim's father says he'd like to "give that feeling that you really mattered to somebody. To us."