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Tokyo Olympic Organizers Face Pressure From Volunteers, Diplomats Over Sexist Remarks

Kim Kyung-hoon/AP
| Despite the efforts of Japanese and Olympic officials to quash the debate, pressure on the Games' organizing chief is mounting over his recent comments that women talk too much in board meetings.

Teachers Knock On Doors Looking For Students Who've Disappeared From Online Learning


Many school districts across the country have reported big downturns in attendance as they've shifted to remote learning. Some students have dropped off the map entirely.


Senate Confirms Denis McDonough To Head Veterans Affairs Department


As head of the VA, McDonough inherits the formidable task of overseeing the administration of COVID-19 vaccines to approximately 18 million veterans across the nation.

4 Skiers Dead In Utah Avalanche


The Saturday avalanche was one of the most deadly in the state's history. Forecasters had warned of dangerous avalanche conditions.

Iran's Supreme Leader: U.S. Must Lift Sanctions Before Any Return To Nuclear Deal


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's remarks confirm Tehran's position that all sanctions must be lifted before Iran returns to full compliance. President Biden said the United States won't lift sanctions first.

Stimulus Debit Cards Unusable For Prison Inmates In At Least Four States


The debit cards can't be processed in prisons so inmates can't deposit their payments. The IRS has acknowledged the problem, but hasn't offered an immediate solution.

U.S. Judge Grants Accused Rioter's Request To Vacation In Mexico


Jenny Cudd is accused of two misdemeanors: entering a restricted building or grounds, and violent entry or disorderly conduct. She told the court she had already paid for the work-related trip.

Lawmakers In Virginia Vote To Abolish The Death Penalty


Lawmakers in the Democratic-majority Virginia legislature voted to end the death penalty citing its high cost, the possibility of executing the innocent and its disproportionate racial impact.

Bond Set At $3 Million For Fired Columbus Police Officer Who Killed Andre Hill


Former Officer Adam Coy pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges in the December killing of the unarmed Black man.