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Israeli Tourism Ministry Warns Against Discussing Sensitive Topics With UAE Citizens

Malak Harb/AP
| The ministry's 29-page advisory is geared to tourism professionals and business travelers now that travel is open between the two countries, but it has been criticized in both Israel and the Gulf.

Biden Is Good News For Europe, But China Challenges Await


Even as European Union leaders welcome more cordial U.S. relations, the trans-Atlantic partnership faces the tough test of handling China's expansion.

New Zealand Charges 13 Parties Over Deaths At White Island Volcano


A work safety agency says last year's eruption, which killed 22 people, was unexpected, but it wasn't unforeseeable. The tragedy struck at New Zealand's most active volcano.

Germany Passes 1 Million Coronavirus Cases As Merkel Warns Of 'A Tough Winter'


With the daily number of new infections hovering around 20,000, Chancellor Angela Merkel told Germans this week that her government may move to extend restrictions into the new year.

Pandemic Renews Debate Over Drivers Licenses for Undocumented Workers


Undocumented workers in some states must choose between driving illegally and risking exposure to the virus by sharing rides.

North Korea Executed Coronavirus Rule-Breaker, Says South Korean Intelligence


South Korean lawmakers say intelligence officials briefed them on the North's tough pandemic rules, including a Pyongyang lockdown and an execution of an official caught breaking restrictions.

Movement To Limit Police Raids Looks Beyond 'No-Knock' Warrants


The death of Breonna Taylor energized a nationwide movement to restrict "no-knock" police raids, but activists want tightened rules for other kinds of forced-entry search warrants.

6 U.S. Citgo Executives Convicted And Sentenced in Venezuela


First arrested in Venezuela in November 2017, they were convicted Thanksgiving Day on corruption charges and immediately sentenced to more than eight years in prison.

Loujain Al-Hathloul: Saudi Arabia Transfers Activist's Trial To Terrorism Court


The activist's sister tells NPR her parents "saw a very weak, tired, exhausted Loujain" at her court appearance: "They said that her body was shaking, that she could barely hold the papers."