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Chicago Tackles COVID-19 Disparities In Hard Hit Black And Latino Neighborhoods

Cheryl Corley/NPR
| Chicago's mayor calls the coronavirus a public health "red alarm." She has deployed a Racial Equity Rapid Response Team to fight the disease in black and latinx neighborhoods.

Protests Are Bringing Down Confederate Monuments Around The South


New attention from people protesting police brutality and racial injustice is changing the way cities and campuses in the American South regard symbols of white supremacy.

Police Reform Legislation Moves Swiftly Through New York State Legislature


Banning chokeholds and disclosing police disciplinary records are among the legislation being pushed through the Democratic-led statehouse.

Former Chief Of Reformed Camden, N.J., Force: Police Need 'Consent Of The People'


Amid a public safety crisis, the Camden police dissolved and re-formed in 2013 as a new department. Scott Thomson, who led both forces, says police must work to be "legitimate" in their communities.


Louisville Youth Question Mayor Over Response To Breonna Taylor's Killing


On Sunday, a group of young people pressed Mayor Greg Fischer about the recent curfew, called him to task over using them for photo ops and presented him with a list of demands.

Work Is Started On Removing Damaged Scaffolding Around Notre Dame Cathedral


The scaffolding had initially been placed on the cathedral's old spire for renovation, but was caught in a 2019 blaze that destroyed the spire and roof .

Moscow Eases Coronavirus Lockdown Ahead Of Military Parade And Referendum


Russia's capital, the epicenter of the country's coronavirus pandemic, is lifting restrictions as the Kremlin prepares for a massive military parade and a referendum on term limits.

In Germany, George Floyd's Death Sparks Protests — And Artwork That Honors His Life


Eme Freethinker wanted to commemorate George Floyd alive, rather than show his killing. "Some guy told me, 'You have to do it with the police over his neck,' and I was like: 'No, man. Not like that.'"

With No Current Cases, New Zealand Lifts Remaining COVID-19 Restrictions


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made the announcement weeks after her government began easing restrictions as the number of cases in New Zealand continued to drop.