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Even In Crisis Times, There Is A Push To Wire Rural America

Meredith Rizzo/NPR
| The COVID-19 crisis has forced us to move almost everything online. But more than one-third of the U.S. population in rural areas has little or no access to the Internet.

Navajo Nation Sees High Rate Of COVID-19 And Contact Tracing Is A Challenge


The Navajo Nation has the third highest COVID-19 infection rate in the U.S., after New York and New Jersey. The pandemic is exposing a longtime lack of federal funding for Indian Country health care.

Nursing Homes Ask States For Immunity From Civil Suits Amid COVID-19


Health care providers and nursing home operators say immunity is necessary because the coronavirus' constant change makes it difficult to address.

Supermarket Steps Up To Buy From Farmers, Dairies And Donate To Food Banks


Publix doesn't want food to go to waste during the coronavirus pandemic. So it's buying it from farmers and dairies and then will donate it to food banks which are overwhelmed by demand.

Harvard And Other Universities Turn Down Relief Funds Amid Swell Of Criticism


President Trump and others criticized "elite, wealthy institutions" for money allocated to them by a federal package.

Iran Hopes Slowing Rise Of COVID-19 Cases Means The Worst Is Over


Iranian officials say new coronavirus case numbers and deaths are lower than before, but they urge for an end to sanctions under these hard circumstances.

'Sadly He Is Not With Us': Family Mourns A Dad Who Denied, Then Died From, COVID-19


"Many, like John, made statements early on not fully aware of the severity of COVID-19," Lisa McDaniel says of her late husband. It's now clear, she adds, that shutdown orders were necessary.

'I Hear The Agony': Coronavirus Crisis Takes Toll On NYC's First Responders


For weeks, paramedics and EMTs in New York City have been struggling to respond to a high number of 911 calls during the coronavirus pandemic. More first responders are getting sick themselves.


Several Dead, Dozens Injured, As Tornadoes Hit Oklahoma, Texas


A tornado in southeast Texas killed at least three people and injured as many as 30 others, local authorities said. Another storm in south-central Oklahoma killed one person.