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Official Alleges The U.S. Has Deported Many COVID-19-Positive Migrants To Guatemala

Moises Castillo/AP
| Health Minister Hugo Monroy said deportees from the United States now account for a large number of coronavirus cases in the country, although Guatemala's president has cited only four cases.

Counties Say They Need More Federal Money To Stay Solvent Amid Coronavirus Shutdowns


Counties say declining tax revenues are hitting their budgets hard so they need federal money to keep fighting the virus and providing other essential services.

Michigan Stay-At-Home Order Prompts Honking, Traffic-Jam Protest


Demonstrators jammed streets around the state capitol Wednesday, saying Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's stay-at-home order goes too far.

On Fire Anniversary, Notre Dame Bell Rings But Pandemic Has Stopped Restoration Work


Before France's lockdown began on March 17, around 100 workers were present at the site. Now only a security team guards the entrance. Work to clear debris was to have begun last month.

Amazon To Temporarily Stop Deliveries In France, Following Court Ruling


A French court ruled Amazon must limit deliveries to essential items while it assesses COVID-19 contagion risk at its facilities. The company decided to suspend all deliveries until April 20.

99-Year-Old British Veteran Raises $9 Million For Health Service By Walking Laps


Tom Moore, who served as an army captain in World War II, had originally aimed to raise $1,250 before his 100th birthday on April 30. More than 347,000 people have donated so far to his effort.

As Deaths Mount, Volunteer EMTs At New Jersey's Coronavirus Epicenter Labor On


The EMT crew on the front lines of one of the hardest hit New Jersey towns is all volunteer. They say calls are getting more intense and more people are dying.

Public Health Service Poised To Create A Ready Reserve To Fight The Coronavirus


The U.S. Public Health Service has won congressional authorization for a ready reserve of doctors and nurses to deploy across the country.


Half Of Virginia's Coronavirus Outbreaks Are In Long-Term Care Facilities


Half of Virginia's coronavirus outbreaks are in long-term care facilities. At least 600 people have been sickened in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.