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A Baby In Cardiac Arrest And An Emergency Dispatcher Who Did Not Know Telephone CPR

| Emergency Dispatchers play a key role when people go into cardiac arrest, but there are no national requirements that they be trained in telephone CPR.

Ahead Of Israeli Election, Netanyahu Pledges To Annex West Bank Settlements


The prime minister's move appears to be aimed at galvanizing support among his nationalist base and right-wing political allies before Tuesday's election.

'There Is Clearly Something Happening': 3 Black Churches Are Set On Fire In Louisiana


Officials have not determined the cause of the fires, but have said they are unable to rule out the possibility of arson or that the three incidents were all related.

Two Students Allegedly Cheated Apple Out Of Nearly $900,000 In Fake iPhone Scheme


Prosecutors say it was an elaborate deception that involved roping in friends and family, while using nonsensical pseudonyms and a slew of mailing addresses. The plot seems to have come from China.

Trump Administration's Census Citizenship Question Plans Halted By Third Judge


Plans to use the 2020 census to ask about U.S. citizenship status suffered another major blow. A ruling in Maryland joins earlier rulings in New York and California blocking the citizenship question.

Trump Wants U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza To Lead Small Business Administration


The president says he will nominate Carranza, who served as deputy administrator for the SBA under President George W. Bush, to replace Linda McMahon.

Hart Parents Intentionally Drove Off Cliff In Fatal California Crash, Jury Rules


Authorities said the married couple took their children and fled their home following allegations of neglect, then drove off a cliff along Highway 1 in Mendocino County.

Motel 6 To Pay $12 Million After Improperly Giving Guest Lists To ICE


Washington state's attorney general said Motel 6 shared information on about 80,000 guests in the state and that guests faced questioning from ICE, detainment and deportation as a result.

Despite Multiple Scandals, Top Virginia Officials Aren't Going Anywhere Soon


Virginia lawmakers wrapped up the final details of the legislative session this week, with three leaders who have drawn criticism and controversy still at the helm.