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Extradition Trial For Huawei Executive Facing U.S. Fraud Charges Begins In Vancouver

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images
| Meng Wanzhou was arrested in 2018 as she changed planes in Vancouver. The U.S. says the Chinese technology giant misled banks about the nature of Huawei's business in Iran.

Youth Teaching Tech To Seniors Fosters Generational Connections


Senior citizens who don't keep up with technology are at risk of social isolation. A New Mexico nonprofit pairs tech-savvy youth with seniors, and both generations benefit from the human connection.

U.S. Says 11 Service Members Were Injured When Iran Attacked Iraqi Base


Eight Americans were taken to Germany and three to Kuwait to receive medical care after Iran's missile strike last week, a Defense Department spokesperson says.

Puerto Rico Relief: Trump Declares Major Disaster After Series Of Earthquakes


Island officials were quick to thank the president for the designation, which makes residents eligible for more financial assistance from FEMA. They were just told aid for 2017 hurricanes is coming.

FBI Arrests 3 Alleged Members Of White Supremacist Group Ahead Of Richmond Rally


The three suspected members of The Base had discussed going to Monday's pro-gun rally in Virginia, a law enforcement official tells NPR. The FBI says they also made an assault rifle.

Tattoo Removal Programs Help Former Inmates Wipe The Slate Clean


For people who have been incarcerated, head and neck tattoos are often a barrier to reentering society and getting jobs. Some former inmates are removing their tattoos to help leave the past behind.

Virginia Man Charged In Neo-Nazi-Affiliated 'Swatting' Ring


Swatting is harassing a target by drawing extreme law enforcement responses with fake bomb or shooting reports. The government says the suspect bragged about it in a white supremacist chatroom.

St. Louis Chief Prosecutor Accuses City, Police Union Of Racist Conspiracy In Lawsuit


Kim Gardner, the city's first black prosecutor, alleges the city, police union and others are trying to force her out of office and block her reform agenda.

Christine Blasey Ford Describes Her Testimony, And The Aftermath


It’s been more than a year since Christine Blasey Ford testified against Brett Kavanaugh during his bid for the Supreme Court.