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What Hamburg's Missteps In 1892 Cholera Outbreak Can Teach Us About COVID-19 Response

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| Lesson No. 1: Have "proper precautions in place," says historian Richard Evans. And don't "try to hush it up." Thousands died in Hamburg after the government failed to acknowledge a cholera outbreak.

Wildland Fire Camps Need Dramatic Change Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


As the wildfire season is beginning, some wild land firefighters are worried their safety could be at risk since the government has been slow to adopt new COVID-19 protocols.

Illinois Announces Phased Reopening And Its Largest Daily COVID-19 Death Toll


The state is essentially in Phase 2, with a plan to slowly reopen in certain regions of the state that meet criteria set by Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

Lawsuit Alleges CARES Act Excludes U.S. Citizen Children Of Undocumented Immigrants


Advocates say denying these children benefits provided in the federal stimulus coronavirus package is akin to them being "treated as second-class citizens."

Florida Boosts COVID-19 Testing, Sending New-Case Rate To A Record Low


The governor celebrated the good news, which came after Florida reported two notable rises in the day-to-day number of new cases. The state is in the first phase of its reopening.

Family Charged In Security Guard's Death After Mask Dispute


The security guard, 43-year-old Calvin Munerlyn, was shot shortly after telling the woman that her daughter could not enter the store because she wasn't wearing a mask.

As COVID-19 Fears Grow, 10,000 Prisoners Are Freed From Overcrowded Philippine Jails


"Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we had already been receiving reports on the terrible conditions in the jails that made sickness a normal thing," says a leading Philippine human rights lawyer.

Policing Is Changing In The Age of Social Distancing


Police departments are facing a new reality in the era of coronavirus. As familiar categories of crime fade, officers are being asked to handle unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable new assignments.


In 13 States, Census Bureau To Resume Hand-Delivering Forms, Hiring Workers


After pausing 2020 census field operations for anti-coronavirus measures, the Census Bureau says it will get workers back into communities with protective equipment and social distancing training.