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House Aims To Send $2 Trillion Rescue Package To President To Stem Coronavirus Crisis

Alex Edelman/AFP via Getty Images
| Under the shadow of new, strict social distancing rules, House lawmakers will take up the $2 trillion plan on Friday. The president is expected to sign the historic measure into law.

The Senate Relief Bill Provides Economic Relief — But Not To Some Immigrants


Immigrant advocates are unhappy that the Senate bill excludes undocumented and mixed-status families from one-time cash payments and access to health care.

Iran Needs Help To Fight Coronavirus, But Delivering Aid Is A Challenge


Iran is dealing with one of the worst outbreaks of the coronavirus in the world. But getting help into the country is hindered both by a truculent Iranian leadership and strong U.S. sanctions.

France Transfers Coronavirus Patients On High-Speed Train With Mobile Emergency Room


Twenty patients were transported from the hard-hit eastern region of France, where hospitals are operating at overcapacity, to the western Loire Valley, where facilities still have plenty of beds.

Responses To Coronavirus Outbreak Vary Greatly In The American South


As more states order residents to stay at home to combat spread of the coronavirus, Mississippi and Florida are taking a different approach.


India's Doctors Worry The Country Is Unprepared For A Coronavirus Surge


Per capita, India has fewer hospital beds and ventilators than almost any country in the world. Medical professionals fear the government's promised $2 billion health care revamp will be too late.

Nurses In Australia Issue Plea Against Violence, Theft Of Sanitizer And Masks


Whole pallets of personal protective equipment, or PPE, have reportedly been stolen from hospitals, and some health care workers have even become targets of violence, a nurses' union says.

Judge Orders Environmental Review Of Controversial Dakota Access Pipeline


It is a major victory for the Native American tribes and environmental groups fighting against the project. The judge has not decided whether oil can still flow in the meantime.

A Funny 'Talking' Dog Gives Tips On Living Right During The Coronavirus Crisis


Pluto and her human, Nancie Wight, have been churning out viral videos with lifestyle tips from their home in Montreal.