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U.S. Supreme Court Rules That World Bank Can Be Sued

/Sami Siva/International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
| The 7-1 decision overturns a 70-plus year standard of immunity for the bank and its branches. Now a lawsuit filed in behalf of fisherfolk in India can go forward.

Alabama's Tornado Death Toll Of 23 Is Final, Lee County Sheriff Says


"I'm very pleased to announce... we are now confident we have accounted for all of the individuals," Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones said, easing fears of a higher total.

Second Judge Blocks Trump Administration's Census Citizenship Question Plans


A second federal judge has issued a court ruling against the administration's plans to ask whether every person living in the country is a U.S. citizen in the 2020 census.

18-Year-Old Testifies About Getting Vaccinated Despite Mother's Anti-Vaccine Beliefs


Ethan Lindenberger got vaccinated against the wishes of his mother. He told senators on Tuesday that anti-vaccination misinformation online "should be the primary concern of the American people."

Migrant Families Arrive In Busloads As Border Crossings Hit 10-Year High


The system is "overwhelmed," says Manuel Padilla, director of Joint Task Force-West. The migrants apprehended at the Southern border in February made for the highest monthly total in almost a decade.


India Becomes Trump's Latest Trade Target


The president announced he is removing preferential trade status for India because he says that country does not provide the U.S. with reasonable access to its own markets.

After Alabama Tornado, Search For Missing Continues As Recovery Begins


The death toll from the storm stands at 23, with victims ranging in age from 6 to 93. One family, connected by marriage and living in two homes along the same road, lost seven members.

Russia Wants Access To Ex-Spy In U.K.


Former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia survived an assassination attempt last year, which U.K. authorities blamed on Russia. Russian officials want to know where the two are now.

Second Member Quits Justin Trudeau's Cabinet Over Allegations Against Canadian PM


He is accused of secretly trying to direct the attorney general's handling of a criminal prosecution of a large Canadian company.