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Germany's Bundesliga To Resume Season May 16, But Fans Will Have To Watch On TV

Axel Heimken/DPA/Picture Alliance via Getty Images
| "The league wants to continue because it still has a potential revenue stream. But to do so when we still know so little about this virus is wrong," says German sports journalist Tim Jürgens.

Trump Vetoes Bill To Limit Military Powers Against Iran, Calling It 'Very Insulting'


As promised, President Trump vetoed a resolution that would have limited his ability to take military action against Iran without congressional approval.

As India Reopens Liquor Stores, Customers Line Up — But Overcrowding Forces Closures


When liquor stores reopened Monday for the first time in six weeks, crowds lined up, posing infection risks. Some states then reversed the decision to reopen or levied higher taxes to deter crowds.

'Textbook' Discrimination: Human Rights Report Accuses China Of Mistreating Africans


Human Rights Watch says that while many Africans have been forced to quarantine, some have also been forcibly evicted and denied entry into stores and public transportation.

The Risk Of Coronavirus In Afghanistan's Prisons Is Complicating Peace Efforts


The Taliban accuse the government of spreading COVID-19 in prisons and warn of revenge if their prisoners are harmed. With prisoners on both sides at risk, peace efforts have become more complicated.

Officials Investigating Multiple COVID-19 Deaths At Massachusetts Soldiers' Home


Multiple investigations are underway at the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke, Mass., where at least 71 veterans have died from COVID-19, and another 80 veterans and 81 employees have tested positive.

What Hamburg's Missteps In 1892 Cholera Outbreak Can Teach Us About COVID-19 Response


Lesson No. 1: Have "proper precautions in place," says historian Richard Evans. And don't "try to hush it up." Thousands died in Hamburg after the government failed to acknowledge a cholera outbreak.

Wildland Fire Camps Need Dramatic Change Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


As the wildfire season is beginning, some wild land firefighters are worried their safety could be at risk since the government has been slow to adopt new COVID-19 protocols.

Illinois Announces Phased Reopening And Its Largest Daily COVID-19 Death Toll


The state is essentially in Phase 2, with a plan to slowly reopen in certain regions of the state that meet criteria set by Gov. J.B. Pritzker.