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Latin American Countries Urge Investigation Of Venezuela For Crimes Against Humanity

Frank Franklin II/AP
| The countries have submitted a request to the International Criminal Court in the Hague for an investigation of alleged human rights abuses in Venezuela dating back to 2014.

Netherlands Proposes Legislation To Ban Use Of Phones On Bicycles


Dutch Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen has proposed amending traffic laws to forbid bicyclists from holding a "mobile electronic device" while on the road.

Pope Francis Urges Catholics To Trust Historic Agreement With China


The statement on the appointment of bishops in China has sparked confusion and criticism among some Catholics. The pope reassured them that functionaries won't be named to deal with religious issues.

Doctors With Criminal Records Examined Immigrants, Report Says


Internal investigators at DHS said 132 doctors employed to examine immigrants could pose health or safety risks. Before he was hired, one physician tried to recruit a hit man to kill a patient.

Census Citizenship Question: Appeals Court Rules DOJ Official Must Testify


A three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court order to depose Justice Department official John Gore about the 2020 census citizenship question DOJ requested.

3D Gun Pioneer Cody Wilson Resigned As Head Of Defense Distributed


Paloma Heindorff assumed the role of director of the controversial company after Wilson stepped down on Friday. "I'm a different person. I'm not trying to replace him as a character," she said.

Year-Round Fire Season Means Always Living 'Evacuation Ready'


More people are living in places that are prone to wildfires. That means during fire season, they live with the very real possibility of having to evacuate on very short notice.


Judge Restores Grizzly Bears' Protections As Endangered Species


The ruling blocks planned hunting of grizzlies. Judge Dana Christensen said the federal government didn't use the best available science when it took them off the threatened-species list last year.

3D Gun Designer, Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault Of A Minor, Freed On Bail


Cody Wilson was arrested in a hotel in Taiwan on Friday and flown to Texas. He posted bail of $150,000.