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Televised Chauvin Trial Due To Pandemic Yields Wide Access — And Concern

Court TV/AP
| This is the first time a Minnesota trial has been broadcast. Unlike Iowa, Wisconsin and other states, courts here have long opposed electronic media coverage.

Ever Given Partially Afloat As Salvage Teams Race To Reopen Suez Canal


The Ever Given has been wedged at an angle across the Suez Canal since Tuesday, preventing other shipping vessels from traveling through the waterway.

Race To Free Giant Ship From Suez Canal Continues


Efforts to refloat the Ever Given made "significant progress" Friday night, but low tides quashed authorities' hopes of refloating the 1,300-foot vessel before the weekend.

2 Dead And At Least 8 Others Wounded In 'Chaotic' Virginia Beach Shootings


Authorities are investigating multiple shootings that took place late Friday night near the city's oceanfront. At least two people are dead in what the police chief called a "chaotic night."

At Least 91 People Killed In Myanmar As Violence Continues To Escalate


The bloodshed appeared to represent the deadliest day for the country since the start of the military coup in February. It came as the military junta marked the annual Armed Forces Day holiday.

Indigenous-Language Radio Show In Oakland Promotes Vaccine Effort


Amid the pandemic, a new audio program is trying to reach residents who speak the Guatemalan language Mam. The show's founder Henry Sales hopes to help combat the COVID-19 crisis in his community.

Jacob Blake Files Excessive Force Lawsuit Against Kenosha Police Officer Who Shot Him


Attorneys for Jacob Blake have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey over the August shooting, which left Blake paralyzed and sparked days of unrest.

Texas Death Toll In February's Winter Storm Nearly Doubles To 111


The massive storm spread ice, snow and freezing temperatures over huge swaths of Texas, but power grid problems left millions weathering conditions in the dark in uninsulated homes.

USC Agrees $852 Million Settlement To End Sex Abuse Litigation


Added to a separate 2018 settlement of $215 million, the agreement means the university is paying more than $1 billion to clear the lawsuits related to former campus gynecologist George Tyndall.