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Venezuela's Health Crisis Spills Over To Neighboring Countries

Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images
| Refugees are fleeing to try and get health care. And disease outbreaks across Latin America are being linked back to Venezuela.

ICE Halts Force-Feeding Of Detained Hunger Strikers In Texas


Immigration and Customs Enforcement has come under pressure to explain why it was force-feeding detained asylum-seekers protesting their detention. Nine of the 12 hunger strikers are from India.

Emergency Declaration For Border Wall Could Tap Military Funds


A 1982 law empowers the secretary of defense to redirect military construction funds during a presidentially declared national emergency.

The Heartbreaking Plight Of Zimbabwe's Doctors


Inflation in Zimbabwe is sky-high — marked by long lines for fuel and ill-equipped hospitals. NPR talks with two doctors who say they don't have the supplies to keep patients, and themselves, safe.

Texas Man With 3D-Printed Gun And 'Hit List' Of Lawmakers Sentenced To 8 Years


The man printed the gun after a background check stopped him from purchasing a firearm legally. His sentencing comes as lawmakers around the country are trying to expand background check requirements.

Military Families In Privatized Housing 'Afraid To Come Forward,' Survey Says


The Military Family Advisory Network gathered responses from families in 46 states. It concluded that residents' complaints were ignored and fear of retaliation on service members' careers persisted.

Prominent Journalist And Duterte Critic Maria Ressa Arrested In Philippines


Ressa, who runs Rappler, is being charged with cyber libel. Police arrested her Wednesday at the news website's headquarters in Manila.

New York City Police Detective Killed By Apparent 'Friendly Fire'


Police said they found an imitation gun at the scene of the reported armed robbery. The 19-year-veteran of the force was not supposed to report to work on the day he died.

No Civilians Were Shot By Law Enforcement During Pulse Shooting, Investigation Finds


The question of friendly fire had plagued law enforcement since the June 2016 shooting left 49 dead during Latin Night at the predominantly gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla.