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Wisconsin Judge Denies New Arrest Warrant For Kyle Rittenhouse

/Antioch Police Department via AP
| Prosecutors asked the judge last week to issue a new warrant and raise Rittenhouse's bail by $200,000, arguing that he violated conditions of his release by not alerting them to his change of address.

What Myanmar's Coup Means For The Rohingya


"The coup is obviously good for no one," says a human rights activist. "But for the Rohingya, the risk is heightened. This is the military regime responsible for the atrocities over many, many years."

Florida Officials Say They'd Fight Any Potential Domestic Travel Restrictions


Media reports suggest the White House is considering domestic travel restrictions to control spread of a new COVID-19 variant. Gov. Ron DeSantis say this would be unconstitutional.

China Bans BBC World Service, Following U.K. Ban Of Chinese Network


The Chinese state news agency said the BBC had "undermined China's national interests and ethnic solidarity." Britain stripped the license for CGTN, the Chinese global television network, last week.

Instagram Bars Robert F. Kennedy Jr. For Spreading Vaccine Misinformation


"We removed this account for repeatedly sharing debunked claims about the coronavirus or vaccines," says a spokesperson for Facebook, which owns Instagram.

Yoshiro Mori Reportedly Plans To Quit As Japan's Olympic Chief Over Sexist Remarks


The Tokyo Olympic committee head plans to resign Friday amid a firestorm of criticism about his comments disparaging women's participation in organizing the Tokyo Games, say Japanese outlets.

HUD To Probe Housing Bias Cases Involving Sexual Orientation Or Gender Identity


The move follows an executive order by President Biden to expand protections for LGBTQ people in health care, housing and education.

House Impeachment Managers Say Trump's Incitement Is Not Protected Speech


Rep. Jamie Raskin called former President Donald Trump the "Inciter-in-Chief" and rejected the defense claim that his calls to overturn the election constitute free speech under the First Amendment.

Juveniles Part Of A Huge Increase In Carjackings Across The Country


In at least one case, the suspect was 11 years old. Police and cities want to enforce the law, but also offer help to juveniles on the wrong path.