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Lawsuit Filed Against Gas Company After Massachusetts Fires And Explosions

Winslow Townson/AP
| The suit alleges "antiquated" gas lines of Columbia Gas and its parent company, NiSource, caused the over-pressurization of the system leading to the disaster in three towns.

DOJ Didn't Want To Request Census Question During FBI's 'Comey Matter'


The Trump administration has said the Justice Department needs a citizenship question on the 2020 census. But a newly unredacted memo shows DOJ staff initially "did not want to raise the question."

U.S. To Limit The Number Of Refugees Allowed Entry To 30,000


As the Trump administration slashes the number of refugees it will accept, global humanitarian groups say the U.S. could do more to save lives.

After Mysterious Closure, Solar Observatory In New Mexico Reopens


A telescope in Sunspot, N.M., will have additional security for now, after "an unusual number of visitors" showed up at the site. Conspiracy theories had proliferated about its sudden closing.

Australians Alarmed After Needles Repeatedly Found In Strawberries


Strawberries with needles inserted have been reported in Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and New South Wales. Some growers are dumping fruit and installing metal detectors.

Border Patrol Supervisor Arrested In Texas, Held In 'Serial Killing Spree'


Juan David Ortiz, 35, is being held in Laredo after a would-be victim escaped from him and alerted police. Ortiz is thought to have killed four women over a two-week period.

'Vampire Facial' Becomes Actual Horror As N.M. Spa Clients Face HIV Testing


After a client of an Albuquerque spa developed an infection, health officials conducted an inspection and urged others who received needle treatments to get tested for blood-borne diseases.

17 Apps To Help You Get Through The Hurricane


In addition to getting flashlights, bottled water and food, hurricane preparation these days includes stockpiling apps on your phone.

Hurricane Florence: Travel Begins To Snarl As Storm Closes In


Flights have been canceled, and highways and bridges in some areas along the southeastern coastline are expected to close ahead of the storm's landfall.