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EU Officials Move To Clarify Rules For U.S. Travelers After Erroneous 'Visa' Reports

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| Meant to increase security in Europe, the decision to implement a screening process was announced in 2018. But confusion arose after several media outlets labeled it a "visa."

Unvaccinated Boy, 6, Spent 57 Days In The Hospital With Tetanus


It was Oregon's first pediatric case in more than 30 years. "It was difficult to take care of him, to watch him suffer," says Judith Guzman-Cottrill, an infectious-disease specialist.

She's A Lawyer ... A Thespian ... And Now A State Department 'Woman Of Courage'


The U.S. Department of State has honored Sri Lanka's Marini de Livera for her innovative combination of drama and legal work to aid women and children.

Protecting The 'Unbanked' By Banning Cashless Businesses In Philadelphia


Nearly 13 percent of Philadelphia's population doesn't have a bank account — more than double the regional average. The city has just become the first big city in the U.S. to ban cashless businesses.

Good Samaritan Returns Lost Lottery Ticket. The Man Who Bought It Wins Jackpot


A New Jersey man is basking in the good fortune of a $273 million lottery jackpot win that wouldn't have happened without the kindness of a stranger. He's trying to find that person to reward them.

3 Indian Moms Went Looking For Role Models For Their Daughters


And they ended up writing a children's book highlighting 51 women, past and present. It's called The Dot That Went For A Walk.

Why Have 21 Horses Died At A California Racetrack Since December?


It's horrified the racing world and experts say there's no clear answer as to why this is happening, though there are some theories. Santa Anita Park has halted racing to test the track.

U.S. Reportedly Compiled Database Of Journalists Working Along Southwest Border


A source inside the Department of Homeland Security reportedly shared documents compiling names, photos and personal information of journalists, activists and others working along the border.

U.S. Supreme Court Rules That World Bank Can Be Sued


The 7-1 decision overturns a 70-plus year standard of immunity for the bank and its branches. Now a lawsuit filed in behalf of fisherfolk in India can go forward.