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German Authorities Detain Suspected Terrorist For Plotting Attack

Paul Zinken/AFP/Getty Images
| The 31-year-old Russian man has been arrested and is believed to have been an accomplice to French terror suspect imprisoned in France last year.

Verizon Throttled Firefighters' Data As Mendocino Wildfire Raged, Fire Chief Says


Santa Clara County Fire Chief Anthony Bowden said data speeds plummeted — and blames the repeal of net neutrality. Now, he's backing state and local agencies that are pushing to undo the FCC decision.

5 Lawsuits Over Census Citizenship Question Could Head To Trial


A federal judge's ruling allowing a Maryland lawsuit to proceed is the latest win for critics of a question about U.S. citizenship status planned for the 2020 census.

Even As Cars Get Safer, Traffic Fatalities Still High


The U.S. is on pace to record close to 40,000 roadway and highway deaths this year. But there is some evidence that drivers are texting less behind the wheel.

Australia's Prime Minister Faces Leadership Challenge


Inter-party fighting among Australia's conservative Liberal Party could soon mean a new prime minister for Australia, which has suffered from political instability in recent years.

Hawaii Braces For Hurricane Lane, Now A Category 5


The governor of Hawaii has made an emergency proclamation while the National Weather Service issued a hurricane warning for Hawaii's Big Island. Forecasters predict flash flooding and landslides.

World's Largest Shipping Company Heads Into Arctic As Global Warming Opens The Way


Container giant Maersk will send one of its ships through the Arctic on the Northern Sea Route to test its feasibility as a new, time-saving shipping lane.

Members Of Spain's 'Wolf Pack' Spark Outrage At Pool in Seville


Two of the five men that were convicted of sexually abusing an 18-year-old girl at a 2016 festival in Pamplona were forced from a public pool by outraged community members.

Army Has Reinstated Dozens Of Discharged Immigrant Recruits And Reservists


Discharge orders for more than 30 recruits from a program created to fill high-demand positions throughout the military in exchange for a fast track to citizenship, have been rescinded.