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Swedish journalist Kim Wall's severed head found

Tariq Mikkel Khan/AP
| Police are still trying to figure out how the reporter died while interviewing Danish inventor Peter Madsen aboard his submarine. He has been charged in her death.

Facebook starts a 'human review' of potentially offensive ads


Facebook says it will begin manually reviewing advertisements that target certain groups and address politics, religion, ethnicity and social issues.

New Orleans braces for Hurricane Nate


Gulf Coast residents from Louisiana to Florida are hunkering down and preparing for Hurricane Nate, which is expected to hit Saturday night as a Category 2 storm.

Why do we remember the wrong names after tragedies?


Mass murderers become famous. People who save lives often end up as footnotes. What's the media's role in tragedies like the Las Vegas shooting?


Security experts grapple with nightmare scenario of Las Vegas


The Las Vegas shooting is a chilling reminder that big concerts are a soft target. Can the music industry do anything to increase safety?

Linked by tragedy, San Bernardino reflects on Las Vegas


This week's mass shooting in Las Vegas has resurfaced painful memories in the Inland Empire city -- site of firearms massacre in 2015.

Once its AIM was true, but soon AOL's Instant Messenger will be no more


AOL Instant Messenger, with 100 million users at its peak in 2001, was overtaken by mobile text messaging and social media platforms such as Twitter. It will be shut down in December.

Taco Bell designer and ex-president Robert McKay dies at 86


Robert L. McKay, who designed the first Taco Bell restaurant and with founder Glenn Bell turned it from a quirky food stand into a fast-food empire, has died.

International Campaign To Abolish Nuclear Weapons wins 2017 Nobel Peace Prize


The prize was announced in Oslo, Norway, on Friday morning. The campaign, known as ICAN, seeks an international legal prohibition on nuclear weapons.